Quickly get started by creating HR surveys from our pre-determined and expert-written questions and survey templates. HR Employee Surveys are available for the entire lifecycle: Onboarding, Engagement, Culture, Pulse, 360 Feedback, Exit, and more. We can also customize the templates and survey questions to fit your exact requirements and organizational language.


At Kantar TNS, our approach for measuring and impacting engagement is grounded in research and global best practices. We focus on the foundations of employee engagement to give you a balanced view of what it means to be engaged within your organization By focusing on the Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive components of employee’s attitude of engagement, we can predict how employee attitudes will impact their behavior over time, therefore impacting business outcomes, as well as provide insights for continually improving engagement. We measure what employees are thinking, doing and their emotional energy to the organization and the job.  In an evolving landscape of employee data, our engagement surveys raise the bar and bring more value to our clients.

The science and experience behind the Kantar TNS Engagement Survey is extensive. It includes review of employee engagement research and practices to include elements that are both classic and fresh. We reviewed seminal and recent literature on engagement and conducted instrument design tests and validation through panel studies across six major industries. Additional studies were completed to refine and validate our model and to narrow which items were the best fit for a solid core survey design.

Sample Employee Engagement Driver Questions:

  • The conditions at my organization make me want to work here for a long time.
  • My immediate supervisor listens to my ideas and concerns.
  • Senior leadership is interested in the well-being of employees.
  • In my work group we work toward clear goals.
  • People are treated with respect here, regardless of their job.
  • My work group balances our workload effectively.
  • People in my work group encourage each other to do a good job.


An engagement survey is only as insightful as the results you receive. At Kantar TNS we have built advanced analytics into our HR survey suite (driver analyses and proprietary strengths & opportunities algorithms) which provides a statistical analysis of relationships among the HR data.


High voluntary turnover is costly, as it reduces productivity, efficiency and morale. This ultimately impacts customer satisfaction and the bottom line of an organization. Exit surveys provide an opportunity to yield a significant return on investment. By proactively researching the reasons why employees leave, you can gain actionable insights to create targeted turnover solutions.

At Kantar TNS we work with our clients to identify key issues that are related to turnover and collaborate to develop strategies that will increase retention. The OnDemand system has an exit survey template available and allows you to collect exit survey data for one individual or a group of departing employees.

Sample Exit Survey Questions:

  • I was satisfied with my opportunities for career/job advancement.
  • I would recommend this organization as a great place to work.
  • I was satisfied with the recognition I receive for doing a good job.
  • I could count on senior leadership to follow through on what they say they would do.
  • People in my work group encourage each other to do a good job.


Once results are available, our consultants work with you to help you understand the issues causing valued employees to leave and recommend future steps to increase retention of top talent.


Onboarding, or new-hire surveys can be an effective measure of a new employee’s experience and helps leaders improve their onboarding process. Asking new hires about their onboarding experience allows you to start tracking employee engagement right away – the more engaged an employee is on the first day; the more likely they will remain engaged throughout their lifecycle.

Collecting feedback from your employees early in their onboarding process will help identify which recruitment sources are producing the best candidates for your company. You will also quickly identify areas where new employees do not understand their role and require more targeted training to stay on track.

The Onboarding surveys cover various topics such as the interview and recruitment process, initial orientation, quality of training, and the employee’s general experience in the first couple months. Onboarding surveys, along with engagement and exit surveys, deliver a balanced approach to collecting employee feedback.

Sample Onboarding Survey Questions:

  • The goals of the organization are important to me personally.
  • There was adequate information available to me about my company while I was going through the hiring process.
  • My onboarding experience increased my confidence that I made the right choice in joining the company.
  • I understand the process for evaluating my performance.
  • The benefits I have available to me as an employee at the company have been effectively explained to me.

Without strong leaders at the helm, companies may fail to realize their profitability goals, experience declining employee engagement and customer satisfaction results, and possibly lose competitive ground. Given the strong link between employee engagement and specific leadership behaviors, it is important for companies to evaluate leadership performance on a regular basis. Individual Feedback assessments identify which behaviors have the greatest impact on employees and what should be done to motivate them to further drive a culture of engagement.

Whether focusing on individual or group development, feedback assessments should be used to engage people in a dialogue about making changes to drive improved results. When well-executed, these feedback surveys stimulate conversation about topics that are generally undisclosed, therefore providing valuable feedback that helps good managers become great leaders. The cumulative effect of undergoing feedback assessments on a regular basis gives the company more control over its workforce strategy and reveals a clearer picture of its strengths and capabilities.

Sample Feedback Questions:

  • This leader treats others fairly and does not show favoritism.
  • This leader clearly describes his/her thinking to others.
  • This leader takes on additional tasks and/or projects when a need arises without being asked to do so.
  • This leader demonstrates acknowledgement and support of others when they do a good job.

This leader focuses on future opportunities rather than past problems.


Our competitive marketplace requires organizations to listen to their customers. A customer survey provides management with an assessment of how your customers think, act, feel, and behave. Through this research, your employees can inform you how you compare to major competitors, sharing their perspective on the organization’s strengths and challenges. By providing operational and strategic insights into your business, a survey assessment will answer the following questions:

  • What are customers’ perceptions of your corporate or product brand?
  • What is the likelihood that current customers will purchase again?
  • What can be changed to improve the overall customer experience?
  • How does your organization match up to others in the industry?

The OnDemand HR Survey Suite provides insights into your external or internal customers’ view of your products, services, pricing and business relationship. Your customer survey data will support efforts to improve individual and team performance by giving leaders the keys to making a positive difference for employees and customers.

Sample Customer Survey Questions:

  • The support I received from company representatives makes me more likely to do business with this company again
  • Compared to similar services, I feel I made the right decision by selecting services from your company.
  • The product(s) I purchased are worth the amount I paid for them
  • I am likely to recommend the services of this company to friends/coworkers
  • I was provided with the information I needed to make a good purchase decision/the right choice for me

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