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All survey platforms are NOT created equal and no request is too complex for our integrated systems.  From data collection through action planning, our secure and internally-built platform simplifies the user experience, so you can focus on addressing the tough questions without technology getting in the way.

Engagement Survey
Engagement Survey

Measuring employee input over time helps to monitor the health of the organization and understand the issues impacting growth and productivity. We integrate data collection, real time reporting, instant feedback, action planning, benchmarking, and other tools to provide continual measurement for assessment of your strengths and opportunity areas. Research has proven, “If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Our survey software suite allows you to:

  • Build an online organizational reporting structure.
  • Administer surveys in more 70 languages.
  • View the results and filter the data in real time as the surveys come in.
  • Access pre-generated reports specific to each level of the organization to focus post survey efforts where they will have the most impact.
  • Develop custom and focused reports with our AdHoc Reporting Tool.
  • Access our Action Planning tool and develop action plans using our best practice templates to increase manager accountability.
  • Compare your results to internal benchmarks of your top performing groups or utilize our external benchmarks.

We work with clients to identify key issues that are related to turnover and collaborates to develop strategies that will increase retention. A standardized exit survey instrument creates a custom survey process that is designed specifically for each organization’s needs. Exit surveys can be administered online, on paper and/or by telephone.

Our Exit Surveys Offer:

  • Real Time reporting dashboard
  • Detailed online reports at sub-unit levels (departmental, store, job function, etc.)
  • Global normative benchmark data to compare results with other organizations
  • Online action planning and best practices to help managers and supervisors retain their most productive employees

It is vital for new employees to have a memorable and effective onboarding process. We work with clients to develop a tailored strategy to effectively measure the new employee experience and help leaders make better data-driven decisions to improve their onboarding process. Empowering leaders and Human Resources with real-time data on topics such as Employee Engagement, Communication, Resources, Team Cohesiveness, and Training allows for employees to enjoy a faster and more efficient onboarding process.

  • Launch surveys instantly
  • Review real-time reporting dashboard
  • Global normative benchmark data to compare results with other organizations
  • Online reports at sub-unit levels (departmental, store, job function, etc.)
  • Exportable reports in PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF
  • Online action planning and best practices to help managers and supervisors retain their most productive employees

Without strong leaders at the helm, companies may fail to realize their profitability goals, experience declining employee engagement and customer satisfaction results, and possibly lose competitive ground. Given the strong link between employee engagement and specific leadership behaviors, it is important for companies to evaluate leadership performance on a regular basis. Leadership and 360 degree assessments identify which behaviors have the greatest impact on employees and what should be done to motivate them to further drive a culture of engagement. Our assessments and reporting allwws you to unleash leadership potential by providing:

  • A broader perspective of how they are perceived by others
  • New insights obtained from candid, open feedback
  • A more rounded view of their overall performance
  • A description of the business’ strengths that need to be capitalized on
  • An analysis of how they personally impact others – both positively and negatively
  • Increasing productivity by tapping into under-utilized strengths
  • Developing more targeted coaching and training programs

The competitive marketplace requires organizations to listen to their customers. Our customer surveys provide management with an assessment of how your customers think, act, feel, and behave and how your employees drive customer satisfaction. By providing operational and strategic insights into your business, a survey assessment will answer the following questions:


  • What are customers’ perceptions of your corporate or product brand?
  • What is the likelihood that current customers will purchase again?
  • How does employee engagement help drive your customer experience?
  • What can be changed to improve the overall customer experience?


With our Survey Administrator Tools, it’s never been easier for your project team to modify organizational structures, track employee participation, send communications, manage user access, and monitor users logging in.  It’s these aspects that lay the foundation for a successful survey, and our tools will help you get it right. Don’t worry if you’re a one-man-band either; your dedicated TNS project team is always available to help.


We provide all managers, and/or HR Business Partners (HRBP), in your organization with self-service access to dashboards, reports and analytical tools, all designed to reduce the need for training and encourage effective action planning.

It’s easy to get lost in the data. Each group will have a clear understanding of the highs and lows coupled with focused improvement strategies on areas where positive change will make the most impact. Pre-generated and custom reports are easy to interpret, and empower your leaders to take the action necessary to improve engagement.


Today’s leaders and HR Business Partners are searching for low cost, continuous, Real-Time employee feedback so they can view results faster and rapidly take action. Without compromising employee anonymity, empower your leaders with an easy-to-use self-service OnDemand Survey Suite. This flexible platform can easily incorporate your custom questions and historical data, or use TNS’ validated survey questions (employee, exit, onboarding, customer, 360, etc).  This tool requires very little (if any) centralized administrative support and is perfect for organizations that want to put more capability and accountability in the hands of their leaders.  With the addition of Real-Time dashboards, text analytics and pre-generated grab-and-go reports, OnDemand is revolutionizing the engagement industry around employee lifecycle surveys. Register for immediate access to a 60 day free trial of our full OnDemand Survey Suite.

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Organizations that use an online and integrated action planning platform to monitor accountability are far better equipped to move the needle on engagement than those that don’t.

The Action Planning Dashboard identifies key areas for improvement in a specific group and suggests targeted strategies and best practices to improve employee engagement. The dashboard allows users to track and monitor the progress of action plans as they move to completion – empowering you to hold users accountable.


Give your leaders and HR Business Partners dynamic and easy-to-use tools to:

  • Interact with reports in real time
  • Gain deeper insights into their engagement data
  • Assess overall performance and demographic trends
  • Track progress and enhance accountability

Tools like the Manager Ad Hoc and DIVE applications provide users with a highly-interactive display of survey data to easily diagnose workgroup results, inspect gaps and key strengths, and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Varying types of qualitative and quantitative comparisons allow organizations to uncover trends and key performance indicators to the business.  These additional measures can be combined with your engagement results to make more informed-decisions and capture a true ‘big picture’ look at the organization.

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