Advanced HR Reporting

As data is collected, it’s critical to quickly deliver results with impact.  High impact is achieved when you combine clear and easy-to-understand results with built-in analytics to unlock the “why” behind results that vary from survey to survey.  As part of our comprehensive reporting approach, we provide coaching tools and resources to equip your staff to become more proficient at helping leaders interpret their results.


The reports deliver additional guidance to help prioritize survey items based on how tactical or strategic they are to act upon.  For frontline leaders, tactical items that are identified as areas of improvement should be their focus (e.g., My immediate supervisor listens to my ideas and concerns.), whereas more strategic leaders should pay closer attention to survey items that are strategic in nature (e.g., As a company we embrace diversity and inclusion.). Focusing on Tactical engagement items provides a solid foundation and focus for action planning; a place for managers to start. Leaders can use the results from their employee survey to focus action planning efforts on Tactical survey dimensions first before moving onto Operational and Strategic levels.

Reports Tutorial

Employee Engagement Video Case Studies